Breath-Lvl 1 Straw Breathing


Breath-Lvl 1 Straw Breathing
Breath-Lvl 1 Straw Breathing

Breath-Lvl 1

Muscle Group:

Diaghpragm, intercostals, pelvic floor




Use a timer and a metronome, or app to work in sets that allow you to breathe In through your nose, and out through the straw.

Start with an easy pace, like 4 beats in, 1 beat hold, 6 beats out

gradually increase the pace as you are able (4/2/6, 4/3/6, 4/4/6, 4/4/7, 4/4/8) until you can maintain 4 inhale, 4 hold, 8 exhale with no trouble at all for 5 minutes. If you are having trouble using only your nose to breathe, or if you get uncomfortable in any way,


breathe normal until you feel better, and write down how long you were able to maintain the pattern comfortably.

key word there is comfortably

when you can do it 4/4/8 comfortably we will move on to lvl 2.


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