Upper Body Plyometric-Lvl 1

Upper Body Plyometric-Lvl 1
Upper Body Plyometric-Lvl 1

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Wall Push ups are a great way to start learning how to do a few things really well.

  1. Push ups-this is an easy and scale-able way to having a strong upper body, and stable trunk
  2. Catch yourself if you fall-our natural instinct is to catch ourselves by putting our hands out in front of us, but if we don't know how to absorb and redirect that force, it can turn into bad news. Learning how to catch ourselves falling forward means we are strong enough to stop it, and maybe even stronger.
  3. Works a particular part of the balance or vestibular system called the Utricle. The Utricle detects movement in a linear (front to back, side to side) acceleration and head tilts on the horizontal plane (not nodding yes, diagonal). Helping this system get better at interpreting information means your balance is better in all of your activities.

Keep the pace challenging but not difficult, and consider using a metronome or some other means of pacing your movements.

Also, try to coordinate your breathing and movements so that you can easily breathe through the entire movement, try exhaling under tension as you catch yourself versus trying to inhale on the catch and notice the differences.

Keep your practice sessions to 5 - 10 minutes with adequate rest between each set.

Focus on quality over quantity and have fun with it, keep it light and happy.



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