Dynamic Joint Mobility Warm Up-Lvl 1

Dynamic Joint Mobility Warm Up-Lvl 1

Warm up-LVL 1

Muscle Group:

Full Body




Proceed from the ankles up until you have completed 3 reps of each drill

Remember to get pre and post assessment with the MSFC (multi size font chart)

Never move into pain, if something hurts, stop, reverse direction, slow down and reduce the range of motion

Remember to keep breathing easily and smoothly through your nose as you do the drills.

  1. ankle circles, rotate left, right, inside and outside, alternating
  2. knee circles, remember to straighten the knees out in the middle and make 3 full circles
  3. rock up to hip stretch- 3 times on each side, don't stretch too far, keep it light and happy, try turning the neck at the top of each stretch
  4. bring foot up to hand, place both hands on the ground and bring your rear leg (the one you are kneeling on) forward to the same side hand (right to right etc), then slow and easy, drop hips until you feel the weight shift and stand up
  5. repeat 3 times

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