5 Rings Kickboxing Program

Drawing on some of the most effective kickboxing arts from around the world. Learn to defend yourself from kicks, punches, knees, and elbows, while learning how to use the same tools to be safe, lose fat, build muscle and coordination, and burn off some stress. 


Muay Thai Kickboxing - devastating kicks, knees and elbows, sophisticated defense and boxing, amazing conditioning!


Savate - The national sport of France, elegant, graceful, like ballet that hurts!

JKD Concepts

JKD/Jun Fan Gung Fu - The street fighting art of Bruce Lee teaches you to fight from any range, from the ground up!


Panantukan -Also known as Filipino Boxing or Dirty Boxing builds speed and agility using precise strikes to the whole body with your hands, feet, knees, and elbows, combined with sophisticated hand trapping and nerve destructions make this an art that is as effective in the ring as it is in self defense.

Experienced Instructors

All classes are supervised and taught by James Neidlinger, who has 20+ years experience as a martial arts coach and practitioner, having worked with populations that vary in age (from 8 to 84) and experience (from grandmas to professional law enforcement and the military) .

James is a member of the Inosanto Intl. Martial Arts Instructors Assoc. and holds the rank of Level 1 Apprentice for Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu. Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts


Easy Payment Options

Your first month is $25 for unlimited classes, after that you can join the club at a membership level that fits your budget and lifestyle.

  • Membership ranges from $89 per month to $300 per month.
  • Premium memberships include private training sessions.
  • Memberships can be put on hold, or cancelled at any time.
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Everyone is Welcome

No matter how old you are, or out of shape you may feel, you are in charge of your intensity levels.

  • structured workouts allow beginners to advanced to get a solid workout
  • fat loss, increased lean muscle and better flexibility are common side effects
  • you will learn how to actually defend yourself physically, without having to get beat up


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