Here is your daily schedule and videos (hopefully) to follow along. 

Do what you can, when you can, and don't stress if you miss one, or need to cut it short. 

Shoot for small sessions, really targeted toward one skill. 

Better practice, instead of more practice. Think 3-5 repetitions or sets to begin, and increase as you feel your stamina and skill allow. 

Stop if you feel uncomfortable in any way, and take breaks as often as needed in your time frame for each exercise or drill. 

Make notes on how many times you need breaks, and anything that stands out for you during your sessions. Your observations will help you ask better questions about what you are capable of and which direction your progress is moving, while backwards isn't always bad, it's not necessarily the best long-term strategy. However, you may notice you make progress in some areas quicker than in others. 


Do these drills every day, preferably as soon as you wake up, so you can have the best start to your day. 

Follow the links at the bottom of each page to get to the next workout. 

After you have completed the daily warm up, come back here to get your program for the day. 

Remember to go easy and keep it light and happy

  1. Perform 3 repetitions of the progression, with feet flat, toes up and heels up on the edge of a 2x6
  2. Roll a towel up and squeeze it between your knees as you try to touch your toes 
  3. Try to reach your toes without bending the knees, but bend them when you have to in order to touch your toes, touch your toes every time
  4. Sit back as you reach for your toes, try to push your hips back as far as you comfortably can. 
  5. Walk out to a tall, solid push up position
  6. Walk your feet to your hands
  7. Get your hips lower than your shoulders, and sit down, until you can stand up
  1. Start arms length away from the wall, progressively move further away as you are capable
  2. "Fall" into the wall catching yourself on your hands 
  3. Push yourself back to standing
  4. Try to keep clear focus on a visual target throughout the movement
  5. Perform 3-5 sets of as many as you can comfortably do in 1 minute, with 1 minute rest

Try to use the tone pacer app to keep a pace.

Make sure you have a chair or bench to sit to. 

  1. Try to start as close to the wall as possible (knees, nose and toes)
  2. Try to touch the center of your chest to the wall as you sit back
  3. Try to push your butt back and find the chair/bench behind you
  4. Pause for 1 breath
  5. Lean forward until you feel the weight shift to your feet
  6. Stand up

Perform 3 sets of 5 repetitions in 5 minutes

Keep the tension on the band manageable

Bring hands to hips with band under tension

Keep one knee pressed into the floor at all times

Raise the opposite leg as high as you comfortably can, without bending the knee

Repeat 3 times, then switch sides, repeating 3 repetitions on each side for 3 sets


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