5 Rings Systems- Single Stick Matrix


5 Rings Systems- Single Stick Matrix SGLSTKMTRXSINAWALI1-8
5 Rings Systems - Single Stick Matrix
Learn the basics of Single Stick Kali/Escrima.

Learn the 5 Rings Systems Matrix and how to apply it to Kali Stick Fighting training methods and applications.

The Single Stick Matrix will give you the essential angles of attack, footwork, and a rhythm based, cooperative drilling method that will build high skill levels, in a short time.
The challenging, fun and functional drills teach you how to generate force with a stick using proper body mechanics, all while giving you a fantastic full body workout that will challenge your cardio, strength, mobility, balance, coordination, timing, distancing and more.....

All with a single stick and 8 sets of variables

This system can be used alone or with as many people as you can fit in a room, and you can easily teach it to anyone.

You will never be without a way to get better, the training method helps you refine and discover your own path.

If you learn the matrix, you will have learned how to use all weapons, in any configuration.
You will never be unarmed, the matrix applies to and teaches the empty hands tactics, as well as single and double stick, single and double dagger....and more

Once you learn the Matrix, you are your own coach.

Pre Registration is
40$ for general public
25$ for 5 Rings Systems Members, 253-Kali/JKD members and TTown MMA Members

For more info contact me or post up below.
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In person: 253 Kali, JKD, PT In Person (40)