Awesomeology 101- Eat, drink, be awesome.


Awesomeology 101- Eat, drink, be awesome. INTRO-AWE-101

With the Awesomeology 101 course, you learn to

Eat - whatever you want (within the context of YOUR personal goals)

Drink - You can have a beer, a glass of wine, or a whiskey, and not become a Demi-gorgon

Be Awesome - Learn how you can use breathing, movement, vision and balance exercises, and weighted or unweighted strength and conditioning drills to become a certified AWESOMEOLOGIST

Done for you 6 Week, 3 day a week, personalized training program designed to

  • maximize your fat loss
  • build strength
  • improve cardiovascular, muscular and mental conditioning
  • improve mobility and flexibility
  • sharpen your performance on the field or in the board room (and probably the bedroom)
  • Learn how to become "Metabolically Flexible" and never "Diet" again
  • develop life a personal lifestyle that fits your goals, budget and ability, while still making progress, and having a life outside the gym or food prep
  • Never again Suffer for Success

Personal Fitness assessments at start and end of 6 weeks to track your progress and make adjustments to program

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